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We, the management and staff at Barons Construction, recognize that the reputation and performance of our organization is inseparable from the behavior and conduct of the individuals in our quotidian work and activities. Hence, we are committed to the highest standards of Safety, Quality, and Integrity.

At Barons, we are responsible to Our Customers, to Our Employees and their families, to Our Community that we live in, and to Our Environment that we serve worldwide.

♦ developing our responsibilities we will take no shortcuts that will compromise our Stance-of-values that are deep-rooted in Safety, Quality, or Integrity.

♦ Our customers and partners are the primary source of our existence and growth. We strive to build a long-term relationship with them based on mutual respect and integrity by dedicating ourselves to each phase of our projects through effective communication and by adhering to high standards of Safety, Quality and Integrity.

♦ Our employees are our primary assets. We have created an environment to promote a culture that encourages and rewards employee involvement, open communication, teamwork, and cooperation. We select and support each employee to become a member of a team that is motivated to adhere to our standards according to the letter of the law, our policies, and our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

♦ We share our profit and our resources with our employees, partners, and our community that we live in because we believe in making a contribution and a difference in improving the environment that we live in and the lives of all who we cross our path with.

Our Customers

  • We strive to build a long-term partnership with our customers because they:

  •  Are our partners and the primary source of our existence and our growth.
  • Deserve to be treated with honesty and integrity.
  • Respect us and challenge us in delivering our product and services
  • Members of our family stakeholders in our enterprise.
  • Provide us with feedback and insights to achieve and maintain success and leadership.
  • Therefore, we are committed to our partners according to the following practices: 
  • Understand and anticipate their needs in order to meet and exceed their expectations.
  •  Provide the highest quality products and services by investing in innovation and technology.
  • Meet their typical and challenging needs and requirements timely and effectively.
  • Be responsive to their requests according to their level of urgencies.
  • Establish and facilitate full and open communication through direct access, protocols, and procedures.
  • Collaborate to create new practices and meeting new standards and leadership in the marketplace.